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08-19-2011, 09:33 AM
I think the idea was that each ship has it's own warp core and the design is what determines it's top speed at warp. The warp speed tied to rank never made sense. Flying an advanced escort should give you the top speed for conventional warp. Galaxy x should have warp 14, and the sub transwarp IMPULSE engines shouldn't have had anything to do with warp speeds but if it added 4 warp factors that would be cool.

What engine can fit in a ship is determined by the size of the ship. can't put a huge sovereign classes core in a miranda and sure can't put it in a constitution.

However since warp speed has little to nothing to do with combat in this game they tied it to rank so you could get to farther places with less travel time. This means that my VA can hop into any ship and still go 9.97 or toss the borg one on there and go warp 14. This is fine since warp speed is only how fast people can get to the battle.

I am a bit of a canon nut myself though and would like to see it where things make sense but this is a game and fun wins out over canon every time. After all when was the last time you saw a ship in the show just hit a couple of buttons and bring the hull from 2% integrity to 100%? And miracle worker shouldn't exist. Scotty was a "Miracle worker" because he LIED THOUGH HIS TEETH every time he gave a time estimate.

If this game were close to canon then the ships hull repair rate would be based on your active crew, the hulls don't have replicator units all over the place unless your using ablative armor generators (then I could see that though). You would be slow in a Miranda class but fast in an advanced escort. Your Prometheus class ship wouldn't be classed as an escort but as a warship and would deal out just as much damage if not more than a Sovereign class and it's MVAM would act properly and not like cruisers. Your science vessels would be the weakest ships in the game and used for science not combat. [end rant here]

But this is a game not a simulator. In games if it's fun and still looks semi-right it wins over canon. Canon can't win anyway because canon is unballanced. After all if this game were canon we would all have ablative armor generators built into our ships and the federation would dominate the galaxy and that isn't fun for the other sides.