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08-19-2011, 11:11 AM
I'm fine with the ship being Tier 2, having a console, and costing 800 C-Points ($10 USD).

What I'm not fine with:
* No in-game method to obtain (sorry, this really needs to be available from Day 1 or else its a violation of the principle that no game-altering items are in C-Store)
* Unbalanced - console aside, it is better in three ways over the Tier 2 Science Vessel:
1) Has an additional engineering console
2) Has a 2nd lieutenant level science bridge officer (as opposed to default Tier 2's ensign level)
3) Has an impulse modifier of 0.20 instead of 0.15
What downsides does it have? None. Same hull, crew size, fore and aft weapons, tactical and science consoles, turn rate, inertia, and special abilities.

In other words -- this is the definition of a "pay-to-win" ship -- something you can only get by dishing out real cash and is the same or better in every regard. I'm really disappointed that after a 2 week delay based on tester feedback that this had none of the changes implemented.