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# 7 Its A Fake
08-19-2011, 12:13 PM
power does not even work that great in that video on youtube lol. at 43 seconds Before they cut away from the warbird firing on the original ship you see a photon torpedo not go to the decoy but to the orignial ship.

Fool us once shame on you, Trying to fool us twice well that is a shame on the buyers who go for this gimmick.

My thoughts are that players should have a had in building their own ship. by this I am talking about internal organs and systems. all ship must look the same outside to abide by starfleet regulations, but internally ships can be different. Hell its canon that all starfleet ships not be the same inside. Perhaps if the dev looked at some of star trek technical shows and gave the players access to the ship yards we could make better ship attributes then you The Greed store could then sell its consols to us at a reduced price value.