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I see that many people who are volunteering as Mission reviewers are also posting their reviews on the forums. put all my reviews into my own blog, linked from here, as I think posting reviews in this forum will not do justice to the Authors I reviewed as they will get piled under pages and pages of requests. The goal of this thread is to get multiple reviewers, hopefully reviewing the same content as everyone has different tastes. If you would like content reviewed by me, send me a PM, mail or request on this forum.

My review process
I. My reviews can be broken into three sections.
(A) The Mission Identifiers: A list traits that influence what kind of mission the player can expect, to better meet what they are looking for. the Scale of from very light to Very heavy and include: Story, Difficulty and Combat. Also included is average time to complete base on my experience, and an overall phrase to describe what kind of mission.
(B) The Rating Scores: My 1-5 based score in the following areas:
(a) Story: Self explanatory. I am looking for well developed, connecting elements. Does not have to be completely original, but high scores must flow well and explain why the player is doing what he/she is doing.
(b) Pacing: A rough way to tell how long the story FEELS to the player. A short story can be great, as a long involved story can be great, but not if either one makes the player feel like thy are just a hamster running on a wheel and not getting anywhere. The goal is to finish a long mission and think, wow I did not realize it took that long, it was so great.
(c) Canon: I use this term loosely. Its Star Trek, you can make a lot of stuff up, that's the point. But there are certain things that just don't fit. Such as creating story elements that contradict current canon, etc. Including canon references will up the score, contradicting canon blatantly will lower it, If everything your mission is about involves no references to current events, past events etc, while at the same time you don't make a group of radical skin-head Vulcans that terrorize the galaxy...unless you really do a good job of reasoning why, then a score of 3 is standard. Again, it goes up if you link your mission anything that is considered canon in Star Trek story wise, and it goes down if you bash canon in the face.
(d) Characters: This is a bonus score. If your mission only involves your crew and typical enemies with no dialog, then this will just be N/A. But if you have non player controlled characters, that you actually interact with, this score will go up. higher scores mean better quality NPC's and interaction with them.
(e) Enviroment: The level of detail or overall design of a level. Higher scores mean more though was put into designing a level, as well as placement of equipment, NPC's. Size does not really matter. A large, but sparce and empty spaceship will be lower then a few smaller, but aesthetically pleasing and well designed rooms that fit the scenario.
(f) Technical: This last score includes pretty much everything else. Things such as spelling and grammar errors. Oversights affect immersion, missing elements that may or may not be required to finish the mission, etc.
(C) The Summary: This is the explanation of the individual scores and why they were given. It is all based on my own personal objective view, and should be taken with a grain of salt, but at the sime time I will include some advice that should be taken to heart, such as if I say spelling needs improvement, then it is probably true.

You can see reviews via the link in my signature, or click here. I just have one up right now to show the style of my reviews. I just picked a mission at random from the "Review Mission" listings, as I will do from time to time, along with reviewing missions you submit.

Since I do like to review Missions from the un-reviewed listings from time to time, I do have some requirements for requests for reviews, so I do not get flooded with them.

1 No already established missions please. Why I love to play some of the best missions out there, there is no need to rate something that has already been rated by thousands of people before. I am trying to expose new talent, not build a higher pedestal for the ones already making great content.
2 Story based missions ONLY. I will not review either here or in game any mission that is just an arena style "throw ships at you until you die or win" style missions. While you can have lots of combat, there must be some storyline involved aside from "Romulans are attacking the system, defend it." boom boom boom mission over.
3 I will attempt to make my own missions too, though these will be far and few between. I ask that if i review your mission, then you take the time to play at least one of mine. I will create a post on each of my missions on the same blog as i do reviews, feel free to leave a comment on it, or leave a comment in this thread.

Aside from that, enjoy your mission making.

Link to other mission reviewers on the forums, please let me know if you want to be added.

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