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08-19-2011, 02:17 PM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Of course, it's kinda temping to just develop a new tier of ships. Just throw away all this fine-tuned balancing stuff that only causes forum QQ when you screw up. Just add a power and be done with it. Tada, new tier of ships, C-Store money printing module installed.

Writing this post makes me sad. I used to be pretty optimistic about STO. In some ways I still am. But I can't help but getting more bitter and more snarky. I want my innocence back!
I'm the same, I honestly want STO to succeed. But the way the Dev Team is handling things is just tearing STO up from the inside.

But given Stahl's comment in the X.5 Tier thread:

Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
There are no less than 16 new ships inbound that are all variants on existing ships at different tiers. Some will say that each one is more powerful than the base model, and others will not - but the design is that each of these new ships has a power that is new and adds new strategies to the game - because we are a game and we will continue to evolve.

Once we have converted all marks/badges/honor/emblems into the new "time" currency (probably Dilithium) - then we will also hook up all the new missions that allow you to earn Dilithium at all levels on a daily basis. So everyone will be earning Dilithium throughout their career (your previous currencies will be converted to Dilithium as well).

Then you'll be able to directly trade Dilithium to other players for C-Points and then you can get the Rhode Island or any other ship out there. And if you are worried that people won't have c-points to trade, there is an enormous vault of unspent c-points awaiting to be traded.

And for those who love to speculate about STO going F2P, if that ever happens, then I'm certain STO would give stipends to all subscribers/lifetimers just like Champs does. I'd also imagine STO would reprice many things in the game just like Champs did.

All the economy changes are going live Sep 22, so if you want to wait and trade emblems for it then, that is your perogative. But do keep in mind, STO needs to continually add new items to the C-Store to stay on track financially.
Adding a new Ship Tier ins't going easily solve things. Cryptic totally needs to rethink the ship system from Tier 1 to Tier 5, like adding new twists to ships.

For example: Tier 2: Consitution or the Constellation

Constellation has more abilities, but less power. Consitution has more power, but less abilities.

But at the rate they are going, the original STO ships are obviously going to be obsolete while players buy newer ships that do better. And to be honest, we pretty much already seen how most players prefer the Refits over the older T5 ships. Who wants to fly the AE when you got the MVAM? The Defiant over the FE or AE, the Intrepid Refit over the DSSV, the Excelsior over the Sovereign.

So in the end, its a definite they need to redo the ship system and expand it so it's not solely limited by BO slots and Console abilities.