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08-19-2011, 02:51 PM
Originally Posted by Pyryck
My thoughts -

I think Coach Stahl has a much better game plan for the team than anything the crowd siting in their armchairs at home can come up with.
Then why would the game need to rely on the C-store to stay on track? That doesnt sound like a very good game plan for people who actually want things to do when they log in.

Originally Posted by Sivar View Post
Nobody disputes that we need more content, the thing is though that rushing stuff out that has problems is worse.
Unfortunately it seems no matter how long they take it still doesnt work right when released. That being the case, I dont see how making people wait a ridiculous amount of time for buggy content is somehow better than waiting a shorter amount of time for buggy content. Either way its buggy and breaks other things when released.