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08-19-2011, 02:51 PM
Originally Posted by TripQue View Post
Recently, dstahl wrote the following:

"STO needs to continually add new items to the C-Store to stay on track financially."

I would respectfully argue:

"STO needs to continually (and rapidly) add new content to the game (thus ensuring new and renewed subscriptions) to stay on track financially."

Yeah, I saw that comment at it sat with me poorly. The proper philosophy would be "STO needs to continually market and do whatever it takes to retain and/or add subscriptions to stay on track financially". Something Cryptic is not good at doing with this game. As my friend hurleybird is fond of saying "you are doing it wrong"

It also underlines the power of c-store purchases up to this date, based mostly off costumes, respec tokens, some bos and some distinct high-end ships.