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08-19-2011, 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by Sparhawk_Mike
Originally Posted by Pyryck
My thoughts -

I think Coach Stahl has a much better game plan for the team than anything the crowd siting in their armchairs at home can come up with.
I agree with this.
I don't know. I've lost a lot of my faith in the man since:
  • He said that the Rhode Island being overpowered was "debatable"
  • And that giving the Enterprise-F all universal slots was a "good idea"
  • The complete lack of PvP development since the launch of the game, despite that fact that PvP is the largest redeeming quality in STO
  • Continually sacrificing subscriptions for C-store revenue
  • Condoning (and probably contributing to) the slippery slope that the C-store is on
  • Neglecting the Klingon faction since launch, despite assurances
  • Prioritizing fluff over actual content

Whether or not Atari was a contributing factor, Dstahl is the man in charge and the current content drought came about under his leadership. STO is his responsibility.

The sad thing to me is that many of the Cryptic employees seem highly competent. Cpn. Logan and others are absolutely awesome. Cryptic is definitely efficient and can certainly execute when the heat is on (just look at how quickly this game was created). It seems to me like the problems in this game are more due to bad decisions coming from upper management, whether it's the department heads, the EP, the people above them that dictate high level strategy and resource allocation -- or some mix of the above.