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08-19-2011, 04:06 PM
You are reading far too much into my comment. As I've stated a few times before C-Store revenue allows me the opportunity to have more resources to make more content. Subscriptions are steady and predictable, and when you have regular MT releases, those can become steady and predictable sources of revenue as well. Together, I can make the case that STO brings in X revenue on a steady basis and therefore I would like to hire x number of people (or outsourced assets) to work on improving STO. When the revenue predictions are solid, then it gets approved. When revenue fluxuates, then it becomes more unreliable and requests for assets can be more difficult.

So when we miss our dates to release a new MT, it doesn't break the bank or mean that we aren't afloat. What it does do is add more unpredictable revenue results to my bottom line which then makes it harder for me to maintain team size... etc...