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Originally Posted by Heretic
Assignments are built to be leveless, meaning that wherever appropriate numerics (skill points, energy units, bridge officer points, merit/honor, etc.) will scale to what is appropriate for your level.

Commendation points are not scaled, as they are independent of the standard ranking system. You could have hit Tier 4 in Military or Trade and still be a Lieutenant Commander, in theory.

(In practice, since you get skill points for the vast majority of assignments, even if you did nothing but assignments and never went into a mission, you'd probably level up a few ranks by the time you hit Tier 4 in a commendation category.)

Some assignments do have a minimum level requirement, but these are generally not "better", they're just locked to higher level for thematic or practical reasons - for example, you don't get Undine and Borg assignments until you can access the appropriate sectors. We may make certain accolades that require some of these level-required assignments; for example, we have been considering accolades for things like successfully raiding every planet in the Sol system as a Klingon, or completing archaelogical expeditions in every sector.

Assignments degree of reward is based on several factors:
  • Rarer assignments have better rewards
  • Longer assignments have higher absolute rewards, but lower per capita/per second rewards (i.e., they are less efficient)
  • Assignments that have a higher chance of injury or death will have higher rewards
  • Assignments that have higher inputs (commodities, anomalies, energy units, etc.) will have higher rewards
  • Assignments that have no chance of disaster or failure will have lower rewards
  • Assignments that have a lower chance of success will have higher rewards; most assignments start at around 75% chance of success, but some are closer to 50%, meaning you need to put better duty officers into them for a more reliable chance of success
  • Assignments with more specific requirements will have higher rewards; for example, a requirement of "Projectile Weapons Specialist" will generally reward more than one that will take any Tactical officer
  • Assignments with tougher trait modifiers will tend to have higher rewards

...You get the idea. Tougher to do = Better rewards. There are equations behind this, but they are deliberately not precise, since perfect equality is boring, and I want people to try to figure out what are the most efficient and effective ways to use the system. That being said, I am very certain some things are out of balance, and as we move through the closed beta, Tribble and Holodeck the plan is to actively iterate and tweak things where appropriate to avoid egregious issues.

Most situations where an assignment is qualitatively or quantitatively better are due to either rarity or due to qualifying for them due to having achieved a higher tier in certain commendation categories. For example, early on you can get a fairly rare assignment to get a bridge officer, and your degree of success will determine what quality level that bridge officer is. Later on, meaning once you've ranked up one of several commendation categories, you can encounter rare assignments that you simply need a basic success to get a blue or purple bridge officer.
Thanks for the information. Interesting to read as usual.