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08-19-2011, 05:26 PM
I'm really curious what 3 species the Marauding system brings.

PERSONALLY, I would like it if they left Vulcans out and made them easier to get via a different Duty Officer assignment, similar to how much easier Klingon BOs are to get Fed-side. There are a lot of Vulcan traders and mercenaries out there and, at the same time, few of them are cut out to be space pirates.

A quick glance at the Memory Alpha articles on pirates and mercenaries shows:


(Gorn doesn't seem like a stretch but we've never seen one)


The closest Vulcans ever got were that the Vulcan Isolationist movement hired some mercenaries of other species to work for them... and Kirk once joked that, deep down, Spock was a pirate.

My suggestion: Make it Human, Bajoran, and Ferengi.

In turn, introduce special Vulcans elsewhere in the game for both factions. Maybe a Cult of Sybok, special Vulcans who wear robes, have extra traits, etc. I just instinctively thought, "I've never seen a Vulcan pirate or mercenary before." That's why I looked it up. Doesn't mean I'd be opposed to rogue Vulcans or proto-Vulcanoid cousins in game. Like I say, I'd LOVE a Cult of Sybok Vulcan with the traits "I Sense Much Pain" and "Let Me Take It from You!" as a combo that acts as psionic hold followed by a psionic pounce as a special BO. I'd support vanilla Vulcans being unlockable by Klingons somehow.

Heck, maybe have a Featured Episode down the road with Vulcan colonists feuding with Orions or something, with each faction taking unexpected sides and a choice of which BO to claim.

I'm just not entirely buying Vulcans as space pirates and I DO hope at least one of the Marauding BOs is as exotic as Gorn. (And that pretty much means we'd have to have Ferengi or Caitian.) I'd be disappointed if all the Marauding BOs looked just like something you could make as a custom alien.