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08-20-2011, 01:11 AM
This ship's siege mode is just a horrible joke in PVP

1. You can't turn while using siege mode and any smart player just moves out of your arc, that's if they don't just ignore you and laugh while your launch shot does nothing.

2. The delay between pressing the fire button an the actual lance firing and hitting someone is absurd, way to long.

3. The lance damage sucks massvely , the only way your getting a kill is if someone has nothing on them and even then torps will fire off quicker and do more damage.

Fix sugestions.

1. Siege mode should not gimp turn rate, rather make it lose -5 engines -5 aux (like MVAM modes)
2. Lance should fire off faster and do more damage in line with galaxy-x, even if you have to give siege mode a 2 minute CD.

The goomba is an otherwise solid ship, but like all KDF ships, completely inferior to its federation counterpart the fleet escort. This is due to the fact seige mode sucks and so your basically flying a fleet escort minus an engineering console.

Really i expected more from a 2000 cryptic point ship instead you get a ship thats crappier than a fleet escort which was free and costs no cryptic points.

Typical FvK imbalance and bias. Look how MVAM special turns you into a utter god with beta mode, even the other modes are decent and boost turn rate and speed. Klingon goomba special turns you into a slow moving hunk of junk.