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08-20-2011, 06:03 AM
Once we have converted all marks/badges/honor/emblems into the new "time" currency (probably Dilithium) - then we will also hook up all the new missions that allow you to earn Dilithium at all levels on a daily basis. So everyone will be earning Dilithium throughout their career (your previous currencies will be converted to Dilithium as well).

Then you'll be able to directly trade Dilithium to other players for C-Points and then you can get the Rhode Island or any other ship out there.

Who the heck is going to trade real money points for dilithium?

Dilithium should be directly redeemable in the c-store.

All this talk of 'in-game methods of aquisition' has just turned into 'we take someone elses money instead of yours'.

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