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08-20-2011, 07:56 AM
Originally Posted by Protector View Post
Now I have two questions:
1): Why was it felt this was needed?
2): Why wasn't this in the patch notes?
This!!! I loved my T5 Excelsior with 6 TOS Phasers, now I'm logging on and 3 of them are in the overflow bag.
They are weaker as the high-end MK XI, people who used them accepted that, so what's the problem? And let's not forget that with an active Beam Overload III all TOS Aft Phasers stopped working until the Beam Overload shot (who knows how many bug tickets I put in for this), so there was no tactical advantage in using them. The beams look much better than the standard fat beam shots, but mixing them with normal phasers looks just stupid.

And thanks for no notification in the patch notes at all, not that it might be somewhat gamechanging.