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We all have our way of thinking about what to do with our favorite ships. Personally I love the look of

the NX. Some folks want the TOS Connie and one lady mentioned the cute tier 2 escort. Anyway

what i'm proposing is we need craftable unlimited use holoemitters. Now these would have to be done

by ship class after all seeing a Connie zipping around like a escort would just look silly. It would

take some work by placing another device slot onto the ships dedicated for said holo emitter. this

way i have my fleet escort setup and be rockkin the look of my NX. Now as far as retro fit ships go

they wouldn't get these as a Connie cant do saucer seperation and most escorts can't break up

into 3 pieces . and before anyone says it blowing them up doesn't count.

I'm just thinking that this way the players can get what they want. Theres no old it's an old ship it

can't do that because it isn't a old ship it's your normal ship covered in photons.