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08-20-2011, 09:21 AM
Originally Posted by Dan_Trainor

Who the heck is going to trade real money points for dilithium?

Dilithium should be directly redeemable in the c-store.

All this talk of 'in-game methods of aquisition' has just turned into 'we take someone elses money instead of yours'.

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You missed the part about it being a "time" currancy. Seems Dilithium gonna be a STO version of EvE's PLEXs.


At least in EvE you may be able to blow someone else's pay to win gear up and get it in a drop. It wouldn't be that much different than people hi sec suiciding high end gear in EvE, or the old goon swarm of T1 ships, etc. Also, w/plexing et al there already is a bit of pay to win. The source of the gear is just baught from other players instead of Cryptic.