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08-20-2011, 10:07 AM
Originally Posted by Trone
I also saw somewhere (I "think" Capt'n Logan) stated that they didn't want to introduce a PvP situation where you didn't know the capabilities of your enemy.
Turn appearance mods off in PVP.
Maybe restrict what appearances can be used with what class of ships.
Make seeing appearances optional on the side of other players.
Originally Posted by Trone
Right now if you are playing against a Sovie, or Defiant, or Intrepid-R, you have an idea of what capabilities the opponent can bring against you. If you open up the ability to bring Tier 1 and 2 up to tier 5, we'll immediately start seeing Miranda's going toe to toe with Sovies and carriers and that's just not right.
I lost track of how many times I killed NPC Negh’Vars and other higher tier ships in my Miranda at T1. As part of normal missions the game routinely puts players in what should be inferior ships against what should be superior ships.

CBS has said they do not want the Constitution and I believe the NX at high tiers. Exclude whatever ships CBS does not want used at high tiers from these types of things.