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08-20-2011, 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by mvs5191 View Post
I was actually debating this.

SciTeam 1 gives a decent decent boost to CPB and TachBeam, do you know how much SciTeam 3 gives? Worth losing a shockwave over?
That's a tough call. We've been letting the mvae's in the fleet have fun with psw, and the scis have moved towards shield drains and positioning. Sci team3 is a +28 to ops I'm pretty sure, which is a nice boost to anything, on top of the almost 4k self shield healing.

Best I've seen is around a 10-12 % increase on my tachbeam3 cpb2 combo. But that's what I was looking for, about that. I added 4 collimators and got the tachbeam hitting I think around 650/tic. Also had a nice def dish that boosted both def and def dish too. Gave up some survivability without halon or induction consoles, but meh, I wants the shields gone.

So yeah, if you guys are relying on the scis for the stun it would be hard to give up. Bu then again I see no shortage of psw mvae's out there. (which I think should be running tachbeam3 and target shields3. But that's just me. )

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