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# 2 Adrift by Superbob50
08-20-2011, 10:35 AM
My first review. Working on my second now.

Mission Name: Adrift
Author: Superbob50
Stated Level: LT 1
Mission Identifiers
Time to Complete: <20 minutes
Story: Light
Difficulty: Medium
Combat: Heavy
Overall: Cryptic Style Filler Mission

Story: 2
Pacing: 3
Canon: 1
Characters: 3
Enviroment: 3
Technical: 1

Lost "cityship" belonging to Author created Picorians.

Story wise, its almost non existant. You know you have to help the "Picorians" find their lost city ship, but otherwise there is no explanation who these Pictorians are or why they are scouting for their new Homeworld. When you first warp into the system, you realize the haste that this mission was made. There is not even an intro brief, just an update to your mission objectives stating "kill x number of patrols". It is like this throughout the mission, everytime you load into a new map, there is no inital dialog as to why you have the new mission objectives. The overall story is loose, undefined, but simple enough in theory that you can guess what is going on, even if you have to use imagination.

Jumping into a system and having to fly around and destroy packs of ships is tedious enough, even more so when there is no reason as to why your fighing, of all things, Romulans in the Orellius sector. When you start the ground phase, and through most of it reall, you are just running through stark rooms, sometimes back and forth, interacting with consoles for various reasons. The ground combat is not over done though, and goes by pretty fast.

Aside from the madeup Picorians, which is fine in a Star Trek game, this Mission has little in the way of Canon material or references. There are also times when your once disciplined and trained Bridge Officers break character, so to speak, and act more like children then Starfleet Officers. And at the end, when your and your crew just give up, reeks of cowerdice. There are also a few times where your Bridge Officers will completely leave character and ask you everytime you want to go through a door that will cause a new map to load 'Do you want to go to the next Map?". Sticking with the default text choice here is not a good thing in my opinion.

There is only one character aside from the bad guys you must kill, and he is Cliche to the Nth degree in the way he talks like one that just learned English. Rather then speak his native language and let the Universal Translater cope, he talks in broken English ala Jar Jar Binks. But he has his moments, and he was the only thing that I actually smiled at...once.

The initial phase of your away mission on the Cityship is full of large, empty rooms with no furnishing at all. Once past this area however, down in Engineering, things start to look more like a proper ship. While you are still running around interacting random consoles, the layout of the place is nice, right down to the Warpcore, radiation leaks and steam spray.

This is what REALLy hurt this mission. The entire dialog is rife with spelling and grammar errors. At times you think the Author himself has less of a grasp on English, which is fine as everyone loves Star Trek, but in the next dialog its almost perfect making you realize it is just simple keyboard errors or outright spelling errors. Also, I spent a good chunk of my time unsticking my Bridge Offiers from behind consoles, bulkheads, you name it, a simple play-through would have brought these mistakes out, and easily fixed with a few well placed invisible walls. There are also a few minor things that could be worked on.

For a first attempt, I say it was a good learning attempt. However I am not sure if this was the Authors first attempt. And even if so, there is no reason to NOT replay through your missions and see the extensive spelling errors.