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08-20-2011, 12:45 PM
Originally Posted by RAJ_2011
maybe true but if you update the sovereign with all that tech it will be still little more advanced.
There is nothing to update the Sovereign with - it already has that tech.

Basically, the Galaxy has a lot of internal space that was left "unused", so it could be modified and enhanced later. The Sovereign is actually a ship with less internal mass, so it's not as upgradeable. it could very well be that Starfleet found that the entire idea of upgrading ships over the course of 100 years wasn't as a great idea as they thought at first.

1) They lost at least 3 of the initial 6 (or 12) Galaxy Ships over the first 10 years or so. (Yamato, Enterprise, Oddysee). Nothing left to upgrade there. Little point in upgrade capabilities if your ship doesn't even live to the first retrofit. The time are not peaceful, ship losses have to be expected.
2) They developed some new key technologies that are not as easily upgraded. The Defiant introduced Ablative Armor (without a Generator, which seemed to come with drawbacks, like reducing your offensive potential), pulse cannons and quantum torpedoes.

But that doesn't mean the Galaxy couldn't get some type of refit to make it equal in power to the Sovereign. It still has its extra size going for it. It's just not cost-effective to produce more Galaxy class ships with upgraded tech. If you build a new ship, just build a Sovereign. But as long as you still have some Galaxies, you can retrofit them.

In the end, that's what has been done in STO - the Galaxy has seen a retrofit to make it equal to the Sovereign.

But the Galaxy kinda was an evolutionary dead end in regards to its modularity and "empty space". Space Exploration has become too dangerous, and war to common, to make irreplaceable ship with a theoretical long life span constantly cut short with torpedoes, suicide fighters and the like.