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Hi all,

I have a mission that I've written that I'd like you all to review. I'm admittedly a little nervous, since this is only the first time I've asked for reviews. I've only gotten maybe about 40 reviews across all of my foundry projects ever, so I'd really like some feedback. (I also had the misfortune of publishing this project about literally 5 minutes before the last great foundry downtime, so I doubt anyone has even seen this one)

Mission Title: Pride and Pageantry
Project ID: ST-HMPD6WU3B

This is a story driven mission of what I'd consider average length. I'd encourage you to pay attention to the text of the mission, otherwise it won't be as much fun.

If you like this mission, I'd also ask that you check out my other three foundry missions:
Mission Title: The Doctor is Out
Project ID: ST-HGJ8W7R4V
Mission Type: A quite long story mission with some difficult combat portions (though certainly doable challenges, especially on lower difficulties). I find this one very rewarding if you complete it, but it is actually possible to fail the mission entirely.
Mission Title: Growing Pains
Mission Type: A short story driven mission. Good if you want a quicker story to play. I feel it's got a good Trek feel to it.
Mission Title: Cold Revenge
Project ID: ST-H0FH2ASDJ
Mission Type: I love the concept of this mission, but it is admittedly light on story. Good if you want a lot of fun, challenging combat.
I normally write all my missions to be done with my fleetmates, so I'd encourage you to play with friends. They should also be fine solo, as I've tested them all that way too.

I hope you all enjoy them!