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08-20-2011, 04:27 PM
Originally Posted by Liandras
Also the notion that the Galaxy class is the heaviest hitter is utter and entire rubbish as the sovereign packs more punch, in fact more than twice the punch the galaxy fielded. The galaxy was never build for combat and that was a flaw all to often encountered.
There is no evidence in any Trek show or movie that the Sovereign has twice the punch of the Galaxy. So what you're saying is nonsense that you probably read in a book somewhere that isn't canon.

In the Trek universe (STO notwithstanding) there's no reason why the Galaxy couldn't have equal firepower as the Sovereign. Refit it with upgraded phaser arrays, quantum torpedoes, tougher shields, etc. This was done for the Dominion war, for example. The Galaxy should only really be outmatched by the Sovereign in maneuverability and maximum warp speed.

The Galaxy shouldn't even be too expensive to build. Compared to some ships fielded by other factions, the Galaxy is tiny. The D'Deridex and the Domiinion Dreadnought are huge warships and must be a lot more expensive, yet they are quite common in the Romulan and Dominion fleets. Plus the Federation built thousands of ships of various sizes for the Dominion war. There's no reason to think that it would have trouble building more Galaxy class ships. Remember, construction cost isn't an issue because there is no money being spent. Only resources to allocate.