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# 21 I know that.
08-21-2011, 01:05 AM
Originally Posted by Idali
Klingon cruisers can't equip cannons aft.
But they can equip turrets there, just like the feds. Then add some cannon rapid fire or scatter volley skill and you are done, same stuff on both sides.
I know the klinks can't equip rear cannons. I'm asking the creators to allow Fed large cruisers to equip rear cannons to make up for super slow turn radius. I was making a point that it is canon that the Enterprise E had them in its last movie so why not allow it in the game. The game can't continue to be uneven just to please Klingon fans. Either make shronger shields for Fed large cruisers or allow rear cannons. Something must be don't to make up for slow turns.