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Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
I thought I point out some interesting things:

Earth Orbit

Inside ESD

Qo'Nos Orbit

(Ignore the missing parts of the space station, it's just a graphics bug).

Inside the Qo'Nos Shipyard

Notice what's wrong?

Inside ESD, its the Afternoon on North America. In Orbit, it's the middle of the night. (And the Moon is rather high in it's orbit).

Inside QSS, its Daylight. In Orbit it's Night.

Also, Qo'nos's Space Station on the Inside is orbiting the Southern Hemisphere, while in Orbit its in an equatorial orbit. And there is no parked BoPs on the platform within Orbit. Be great if we can get some of them.

The other thing I wanted to show the community is a slight improvement I thought of for the Ship Purchase Display:

Suggested Ship Purchase Screen

I thought this was more player friendly than the scroll system and much faster. Also, in particularly with the Klingon Screen I changed the Federation Symbols to actual Klingon symbols.

The Engineering is from Koloth's Uniform in TOS.
The Tactical is from Kor, Kang, and Worf's Baldrics.
The Science is from a DS9 Klingon Tricorder.
I dont know if you've noticed, but the Earth seen in SOL is bugged since Season 4. The shadow moves over the earth when you are moving you camera. So you cannot really complain about this if the shadow/lightning isnt even fixed yet.

(I wonder why the lightning in SOL still hasnt been fixed since the release of Season 4. Really, really bad of cryptic. Sorry.