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08-21-2011, 08:58 AM
Originally Posted by J.Kirk
Now I made an Search and rescue mission, but I'm stuck.

I need the sleeping NPC actually they are wounded but that's missing under rubble that went well.
Now I saw in the series they used a phaser to destroy the rubble, how I do this in the foundry ?
Also when the rubble is away I want to use medical tricorder to heal them and they stand up how I do That.

Is there also away to Extinguish the fire because that's part off my story, And beam up critical injured people . Or isn't this possible at all at the moment ??
1) Right now I haven't worked out a good way to do true destructible objects. I've been playing around with reskinning mobs as crates and using them as targets, but the crates don't stay put and chase you. Otherwise destructible objects don't exist yet as an option.

2)since you cannot despawn one version of an npc in order to load another, there isn't a way to cheat to get a NPC to appear standing after lying down. This is the same issue as you have with wanting to beam a NPC off a map.

3)Fire effects, atm, I don't believe can be made to go away using things like fire extinguishers or the CRM2000. I will admit though that I have not tested this one since Season 4 went in.