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# 1 constant dps vs. burst
08-21-2011, 09:11 AM
i am finding all my builds moving away from any kind constantly high "grind you down" energy weapons damage to a more subtle "damage spike here on this shield facing" mentality.

is this something you guys have seen as we roll with the pvp punches? maybe its just since the "damage from nowhere damage from everywhere" faw balls kinda slowed down that ive noticed this.

but in every ship, escort, sci, and cruiser i play way more defensive than ever before, spiking damage in a timely manner on an appropriate target. i do less damage, more kills, more healing, less deaths

my question then i guess is, how important is that constant dps out there? vs an escort that can decloak, strip a shield facing and plant 4 quants on your hull... or a sci ship that runs full shields and aux creeping in slow to trac beam you, tachbeam3, cpb3...and land 3 torps on your hull....both seem to happen very fast.

im rambling, but does anyone know what i mean here?