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# 1 A few questions so far
08-21-2011, 02:48 PM
Hi all.. I've been playing for a few days, and, while I have a ton of questions, here are a few that stand out:

1. I started with a standard uniform.. Sierra I think.. and I lost it today.. when I log out and see the character screen, the uniform is there, but when I'm running around with my character, I see an orange and gray outfit. I tried to go back to what I was wearing, but I'm told what I have now is my only uniform.

2. I tried the Vault quest with the shuttle and I have a few questions on that:
2a. Is there a way to change the scale of the view in space? I can hardly see my little shuttle as it moves!
2b. Where the heck is the Vault?? I found the sensor array that I'm supposed to avoid and a few enemies, but I don't know where to look for the Vault

I had another pressing question, which of course I've forgotten, so I'll end here.

Thanks in advance!