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08-21-2011, 04:16 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainHorizon
my question then i guess is, how important is that constant dps out there? vs an escort that can decloak, strip a shield facing and plant 4 quants on your hull... or a sci ship that runs full shields and aux creeping in slow to trac beam you, tachbeam3, cpb3...and land 3 torps on your hull....both seem to happen very fast.

im rambling, but does anyone know what i mean here?
Yay , I know what you mean, tric bmber use to be great but with faw craze a few months back and then nerf faw is still alote more frequent than 6 months ago , so tric bombers are extinct.

Although since the nerf to shield cap got me back into me shield stripper build, but instead of tric I use 2x quantums.

Tach beam3= -6240 (top spec) shields
CPB3= -3750 shields
bothe equal -9990 shield stripper and in 10 sec I got another Tach beam with -6240 to your shields.
Its effective to a point. 1vs1 = I win in 5v5 with healer, you might never see a shield go down with a good team.

If you have a escort by your side then u will ussally kill target, I found this build to be very situational on your team.Although when u have 2 or even 3 shield strippers its so op its not funny, and shield stripper kill kdf alot quicker , so u might want to just play k vs f since kdf have lower shields.

I only use HY1 because HY2 is barely better than 1, and 1 hit harder per torp.

Standerd run ST+tach beam3+CPB3+ Scan sensor + APB+ HY1 = 2 torp on bare hull that hit for around 10k non crit crit Ive seen 28k from one torp if both would have crit thats 54k, not as goo as some old tric crits but still sweet=)

The best part is having stupid escort nose to nose with u them firing balls out, u not even lifted a phaser , them think hahah stupid SV them bam drain their shield pop 2 torp in their face, them going from 100% hull - 20% with no shields, then they try to run but its to late, the wolf now is the sheep a the sheppard not happy =)

also Tact bop pilots that cloak and wait for all there buffs decloak on a pug team and unload, will ussaly kill a target without tact team/rsp, but only 20% of all the players dont use that, and if u face a premade only combinded decoak BoP will be able to get enough burst through a healer.