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08-21-2011, 03:37 PM
Originally Posted by IronScarlet
Yay , I know what you mean, tric bmber use to be great but with faw craze a few months back and then nerf faw is still alote more frequent than 6 months ago , so tric bombers are extinct.

Standerd run ST+tach beam3+CPB3+ Scan sensor + APB+ HY1 = 2 torp on bare hull that hit for around 10k non crit crit Ive seen 28k from one torp if both would have crit thats 54k, not as goo as some old tric crits but still sweet=)

i was a big tric bomber fan, now i dont do it anymore.

and thats basically what got me to this thinking, a sci cap in the mvae. that is very close to what i would call her "alpha"

good insight, ty.