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08-21-2011, 04:10 PM
Originally Posted by CnB
It works like this.

90% of an attack is done to shields and, if you're not using resilient, 10% against hull. If you are using Resilent, 90% against shields, and 5% against hull. The other %5 disappears. Also, if any abilities or weapons are used to increase shield penetration, then the amount done to shields is reduced and the amount against hull is increased. Say an attack has 50% bleed through. It's only going to do half damage to shields.

Regardless of the weapon used though, Reslient shields will always make 5% of an attack disappear. Although, it won't work if the shields are down or if the shields are the only thing being attacked. Certain abilities and weapons do extra against shields and nothing to hull.

In addition, bleed through damage ignores shield resists and only accounts for hull resists.
So Resilient shields don't take less shield damage? Shield bleed through is almost negligible. So if you don't have to worry about bleed through, you should avoid Resilients like the plague?