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# 1 Improvements to the Foundry
08-21-2011, 07:13 PM
Thought I'd drop an idea and a request to the Foundry team regarding needed assets for UGC. It's fairly simple, so i don't know if anyone's brought it up yet.

Would like to see Sol System added to the list of available Cryptic Maps. Specifically, what's needed are Doors in Sol system outside of ESD that would allow authors to create transitions to their own custom maps. One door would do it, in the form a a navigation beacon that players in space would have to approach to get the option to go to the next custom map.

Additionally doors are needed AT Sol System (incoming) as they are now at every other system in the sector block ... and at the exploration zones (Delta Volanis, Arucanis Arm, Eridani Belt, Hromi Cluster, etc.). The latter would allow authors to more easily set their ugc missions inside those zones.

And yes I know that it's been requested often and for some time. Environmental Hazards should be made available as placeables in the Foundry. I've read explanations like, hazards aren't included because authors might misuse them or use them to grief players. Seriously? That's terribly weak reasoning if true.
As a plot device, the characters in your UGC mission should face the potential of taking damage in situations where this would logically occur.

If you walk through fire you get burned.
If you're in a section of a ship or a facility that is flooded with radiation, you get a dot.

I would love to see players be motivated to get out of or finish objectives in a map area that is flooded with radiation. Or for ships to start taking hull damage when they venture too close to a hazard in space. Hazard damage levels could be scaled as are the NPC Groups. requiring a certain xp level to play the map - level 1, 16, 31, etc.