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08-22-2011, 12:30 AM
The flagship was a symbol of the best of the Federation. It was a political move as much as a technical or military one. I think Picard himself commented on the statement that the Federation flagship is one of exploration not a warship. The NX Enterprise was the flagship because at the time it was the only Warp 5 ship but also it symbolized the mission of Earth, the dedication to exploration and sent a mission of independence to the Vulcans as well. That they didn't need hand holding anymore.

It's debatable that the Enterprise "gets the best crew" at all. Certainly we're biased because it's a TV show, but i would guess that other ships and their captains would argue quite vehemently about the crews. Certainly Voyager and DS9 are great crews but they were not the flagship. The Enterprise-D would still have been around.

And i've never seen any of the Star Trek series captains ordering around Admirals...