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08-21-2011, 11:41 PM
Originally Posted by h3llr4iser View Post
What really kills the "RA" ships is BO slots layout and the fact that they have a different skill set to invest points in, while the retrofit ones all fall into a single pool.
So if a character is specc'd in the RSV, he/she can't fly a DSSV efficiently, nor a Retrofit; If he/she is spec'd in the retrofit, however, he/she can fly the Intrepid, the Nebula and the D'Kyr, covering essentially the entire spectrum for the selected class (at least as far as science vessels are concerned).

The DīKyr is unsing the same Captain skill as the DSSV. The intrepid-R is using the same skill as the Nebula. Only the RSV has a Captain skill that isnīt used by any other ship so far, cause there isnīt any RSV refit yet.

The Boff layout off the DSSV is quite nice, the difference to the intrepid is that u have 1 more ensign eng. instead of the 1 ensign sci. As compensation for the special ability you ahve 1 more (eng) console with the DSSV which is quite useful. And ofc you have a slight difference in turnrate, since the update the base turnrate difference is only 1 degree which the DSSV has less.