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08-22-2011, 04:29 AM
Just a hint:
If you right-click an item and select "Info", you get a ton of usefull information about the specific item. If you do it with the Hargh'Peng Launcher, you'll get the informed this launcher is not affected by any skills. So using H'P with any kind of torpedo modification is rather useless.

What suits better depends on the situation. The good thing about H'P would be the fact you could dump all point from Quantum into something else, because H'P only get modified by the generic torpedo stuff.
Quantums are better for hull damage, if you hit an unshielded ship with Quantums (and HYT) you'll do more damage than you'd do with H'P. Also Quantums fire a tad faster.

Personally I switched back to Quantums or better Photons lately, I wasn't really overimpressed by the H'P.