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08-22-2011, 04:20 AM
I can confirm after a recent 1v1 match with everyone's favourite Tric bomber that it indeed still a viable tactic, even with 2xtac team, it is just significantly harder to pull off in 1 pass.

Not a tactic I would recommend for most though. He is well practised at what he does.

Tach beam3= -6240 (top spec) shields
CPB3= -3750 shields
Going just from memory, those numbers don't seem right...both my TB3 and CPB3 hit for around ~4500 each, for about ~9500 shield drain. I'd confirm those figures at home but that seems about right. The final value is close to what you give, but with nowhere near the disparity between skills.

That shield stripper has (I think) 2x HYT running. Along with TBR2 which will smash your hull good shields or no, nice to soften them up before the HY strike. I can and have killed escorts solo. Most escorts have nowhere near the shield capacity to negate 9500 drain and I can strip many of all shields without difficulty.
But yes, hitting them with a finisher can be harder when you are running full aux and relying on torps to do most of the work. Timing is essential.

My best strike in that ship involved full aux+engine batter+evasives+TBR+Sensor Scan to start smashing the hull, HY2 was on 2s left, so I shot it off as I started the attack, HY1 was ready during the TBR push so fired off that too, hit with CPB3&TB3 to kill shields, and with the final bit of momentum from evasives, turn and pop 1 last torp out the rear chute. Since I was travelling faster then the torps they all reached him after CPB&TB had done their job, and a tasty 6 torps heading his way, 5 of which were from high yields ..and he was already at ~50% hull from the TBR attack...


That is indeed, a very situation kill though. I got very lucky with the torp timings being ideal at the time.