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08-22-2011, 04:58 AM
this probably does not belong in feedback as a post (probably academy) but the answer is there is no way to stop yourself leveling short of not actually doing any missions at all. Even just shooting stuff will slowly rank you up (very slowly).

The best you can do is not spend any of your skillpoints which will keep you at your current rank but will still result in you increasing your current grade (i belive theres a brave few out there who are lt 50+).

So either make a new character and dont play them much except with your friends, or accept that your character will continue to gain levels.The missions are set for specific ranks, so your going to keep seeing them get harder as you go along since there designed for characters that are progressing in there ranks.

In the end it does not matter too much, if you really want to fly alongside friends who just joinned the game you can set them as squad leader and then match there level. Bringing out one of your old ships from that rank and having it pre-equipped with rank approperate gear will keep you about the same in space. I have the ToS connie set up like this for helping new players at lt.