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08-22-2011, 05:28 AM
Some changes to your build cause you fly only with Rapid3 instead of BO3.

- fore weapons -
quantum tropedo
phaser dual heavy cannons (x3)

- aft weapons -
phaser turret (x3)

- shields -
reman shield
(Try to get the Covariant Cap 3 for 52 Marks of Honor, you can change Emblems in the Gamma Orionis Battle Group, and buy them at K7)

- deflector -
assimilated graviton

- devices -
assimilated subtranswarp

- engineering consoles -
rcs accelerator (where is your +35% Shield? take that instead of the RCS, you get enough Turnrate from your Beta thing)
eps flow regulator

- science consoles -
multi vector assoult mode
induction stabilizer
assimilated module

- tactical consoles -
zero point quantum
phaser relay (x3) or (x4)*no Quantum then*

for boff skills i've:

- ensign tactical -
tactical team I

- lieutenant tactical -
High Yield I
rapid fire I

- commander tactical -
tactical team I
attack pattern beta I
high yield III
rapid fire III

- lieutenant engineering -
Emergency Power to Shield 1 (or Emergency Power to Weapons 1, or Emergency Power to Engines 1)
emergency power to shield 2

- lt. commander science -
Hazard Emitters I or (Polarize Hull I)
transfer shield strenght II or Hazzard II
Polarize Hull III or Photonic Shockwave 1 *stuns* or Hazzard III (when you have Polarize Hull I to get rid of Holds)

(You fly the Science Escort so you cant have good DPS and Attack Pattern Omega, when you are tac get the Advanced Escort und put the Multi Vector Console in that)
whit ships power levels like this:

weap: 124 / 100
shield: XX / 25-30
engines: XX / 45-50
aux: 53 / 25

(with 2 times EPTS you can toggle them all the Time, so you dont need to much energy in shields, you are not the tank, you need the speed and turnrate.)

Also try to buy the MK X weapons they have better Modifications then the other. But when you are Tac try to fly the advanced its suites you better.

Changes: Marked a comment so he sees what i ment to get rid of the RCS.
When you want an Beam Overload 3 set up, i can give you one, also it would be nice which type of ship you want to use for that build up.