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08-22-2011, 06:36 AM
Originally Posted by Brigadoom
If you get the STF done right the first time, which is no guarantee. Many people, myself included, might bash their face against STFs repeatedly hoping to finish them when you find them difficult, and that kind of counts as grinding as it becomes a war of attrition between the STF and your will to complete it.
Well, no, it doesn't "count" as grinding. Either you're grinding (repetitively completing tasks for a reward) or you're not. If you're not completing the STF because you are unable to, you're not doing it repetitively to receive the rewards. You're just banging your head against a brick wall, in which case you either need to find other players that are better than the ones you currently attempt the STF with, or become a better player yourself, depending on which happens to be the problem.

With the exception of KA, which I havn't done yet, none of the STFs I've attempted have been hard. The only time there was ever trouble was the last boss of Infected, with five tactical officers. And that was the first time some of us had done it, myself included.

Like any game, if you're repeatedly failing - you're obviously doing something wrong (or theres a bug). Tactics, gear or team setup can all play a part, and they're often additive effects radically altering the difficulty of your task.