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08-22-2011, 05:40 AM
Originally Posted by Brigadoom
If you get the STF done right the first time, which is no guarantee. Many people, myself included, might bash their face against STFs repeatedly hoping to finish them when you find them difficult, and that kind of counts as grinding as it becomes a war of attrition between the STF and your will to complete it.
There are several guides out there to STFs, as well as many people/fleets offering assistance to other players in getting through them. They're really not difficult once you get a basic grasp of each one's nuances, get halfway decent and appropriate gear, and learn a bit of teamwork. Even if that doesn't suit you, they'll be rolling out more PUG-friendly versions that will be a bit easier sometime within the next couple months.

As for the original question, I concur that set choice depends on playstyle. I find Borg to be good on most cruisers, but I like Aegis on the Excelsior. I love Aegis on my escorts, simply for the defense increase (if you're building an STF escort, reactive shielding also goes well with that eng console that gives damage resist vs. plasma... electroceramic?).

KDF-side, I have an Eng/Gumby that does surprisingly very well in the Breen set.