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08-22-2011, 07:14 AM
Originally Posted by -Frank-
Hi guys, i've some question about my build in pvp, can u help me to meke it better?
I'm a tactical officer with a multi vector advanced escort with:
Ok a few things here:

-You have too much dependance on the team skills (i.e. you have all 3 and they are all on a shared CD), at best you want one of the team skills but never more than two due to the interference.

-Remove the RCS console, as an escort your maneuverability is high enough and that makes that console a waste. In its place you should get a Neutronium armor or another EPS (I recommend the armor, but w/e).

-You tac skills are lacking: You need a stronger Target Subsystem skill than 1 on an escort (use lvl 3 or don't use them at all), so you should either pick up a Beam Overload or drop the beams from your weapon loadout altogether (your preference). Additionally you need a higher level attack power than Beta 1, AP Beta 2 would be a good choice, but otherwise your only choice is AP Omega 1; do NOT replace your rapid fire 3 for a lvl 3 attack pattern.

-Your power levels seem off......did you spec into ground as well?

-Finally I suggest removing the quantum torpedo console and replacing it with straight phaser relay consoles. Enough people stack phaser resists that you need all the punch you can get....

Hope those help you get started