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Originally Posted by rayvenwing View Post
We go back to her first assignment out of the academy on the Lexington in forward Phaser control (just in time for the Ultimate Computer)
That's perfect!

Also, I like your choice of the Eagle. By some accounts, it's one of the original 12, isn't it? I've also heard that it was entirely crewed by Andorians (like the Intrepid was by Vulcans) in its pre-refit days.

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As you know Andorians marry in fours. To she assumed the Exec position on Eagle and Her sister wife Mirra had pulled strings and got herself assigned to Eagle also as Helmsman.
I know there are resources out there on Andorian culture, but I'm looking forward to seeing your take on their relationships.

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The 3rd Part is their Abrupt entrance into the world of 2409. namely the Romulans. the area space they where in 130 years before was unclaimed territory. that ahs changed 8P Just as theya re getting Eagle back together things get Intersting *smirks*. But they do get some answers.
Can't wait.

And don't worry at all about getting to your writing when you can. I can definitely understand real life taking precedence. It's one of the cornerstones of our little fleet.

Anyway, sorry to hijack your thread. I hope those TOS interiors arrive soon!