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08-22-2011, 07:40 AM
My personal tac/escort build of the moment. This is for a Defiant-R, but can be modified...

Working from memory so forgive any mistakes...


Aegis set.

EPS flow regulator
+7.5 (?) Weapon power console

Borg module, Halon emitter

4xDisruptor consoles


Tac Team1 / Attack Pattern Beta 1 / Cannon rapid fire 2 / Cannon rapid fire 3
Tac Team1 / Attack Pattern Beta 1 / Beam overload 3
Target Engines 1

Emergency power to shields 1 / Emergency power to shields 2

Hazard emitters 1 / Transfer shield strength 2

Base power settings are 100/25/50/25

Since you lack the tac ensign slot, you can get rid of target engines (i just have it to fill the space frankly)
With an extra sci slot, id probably run something like:

Hazard 1 / Polarize hull 2 / Transfer shield strength 3

Polarize provides a very large damage resist. If you can afford it, it is worth having. That would be more survival oriented. If I wanted a bit more teeth from my sci slots, I may go HE1/TSS2/ with either PSW or TBR in the ltc cmdr slot.

My build is for burst damage against single targets. She can, one a good day, insta-roast any unprepared ship. With tac captain buffs + boff buffs running my first volley will usually kill shields, BO3 direct on hull for anywhere between 20-40k damage, and another volley on hull, usually does the trick against any class of ship. I know a number of people dislike BO3 because of the associated power drain, but honestly, either the way I have set up my skills, or there has been a ninja change, but I barely even notice the power drain. If I fire BO3, by the time I look at my power levels, less than 1s, they are back to normal. No need for batts or anything.

A prepared enemy however, will always make your job difficult, if not near impossible