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08-22-2011, 08:14 AM
Originally Posted by Artificialx
Lol, I AM specced into performance (i'm specced into all performance skills). Maybe the console is why I never notice my power levels drop much.

Base power is 100 + 15 (escort bonus) + 7.5 = 122.5 but in reality it isn't that high (I think I actually have the +7 console thats why i wrote (?)). I don't remember the actual numbers but its closer to 121/122. Weapons performance brings me just over 125 with a little room to spare. I might actually run at 95 with the extra 5 in engines, but I don't think so. Will have a look when I get home.
With performance and Assimilated console - You should hit 125 on a escort, the 7.5 is thus wasted.. (Unless the old 135 softcap is still in effect, it seems like that when I aim for 135 on my Excel)

Can throw a shield or engine console in instead, or maybe a Neut armor.