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08-22-2011, 08:56 AM
Just for the information then, i would like to link you to this thread.

Last post.

So yeh. Putting 5 points in another system and putting your Weaponpower to 124/95 would make your build more efficient
Or just remove some points from Weapon Performance and put them somewhere else :p

I could do the same tests all over again, but the results will be the same. It was a different story a while back, before I even played the game. You could make your weapon power go over 125, even theoretically above 150> with EptW etcetera. Later people thought this 'buffer' was hardcapped at 135. But from what I can tell this has been misunderstood by the first weapondrain (-10 for Beam) which is always for free.

Some people still swear by this old principle and really think their weaponpower drain is decreased. But in my opinion they should reconsider their calculations and have their own little test. Its a shame their builds arent that efficient. You even see people still use 2x EptW (On an escort with full power to weapons) which is literally a big loss to your survivability/defense (You do receive an non-significant dmg boost for 5 seconds which is equal or less then APO1 for just 5 seconds), since 2x EptS yields much more benefit.

Originally Posted by Zorena
Its the eps flow regulator that helps your bo3 drains
Yup, absolutely right. One EPS really helps with this. However, it really depends on if you have auto fireing on your weapons. If you have that, the weaponsystem is recharged much slower because all the weapons just keep firing, even with 2 EPS consoles it takes some seconds before its back to the 115-125 range

Hereby I would like to add that using a Higher Rank Beam overload is also more 'efficient' to a certain point since you get more damage for the same -50 drain. But ofcourse 2x Beam Overload3 (in example) would make your Tactical initiative less effective.