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08-22-2011, 11:40 AM
OK so it's still somewhat anecdotal, just played a few rounds of CnH, but I notice an appreciably higher power drain for both weapons cycles and BO when not running both consoles and setting to100 weapons power.

Without any consoles at 100 power, my firing cycle takes my weapons power to about -10 the base level. Beam overload drain is significant. Hits around ~70 power.

With consoles but at 90 power my firing cycle takes me to -5 the base level. BO drain is marked, down to ~65.

With consoles and at 100 power my firing cycle barely often leaves the buffer, and sometimes my BO strikes produce ZERO drain, yes, ZERO, while on others it drops me down very temporarily for ~2s to ~75.

Damage and energy wise, despite their being an apparent hard cap at 25, I seem to be much better off running as I was......a little bizarre I think.

Still, just anecdotal though...

Edit: For the record though, I've switch over to 90/25/60/25 (125/58/75/52). Will see how I feel with it, the extra turn rate is nice.