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08-22-2011, 10:42 AM
Ya, I hadn't considered the fact that they've been promising to expand Sol System. I'm sure that'll be coming soon .......... Right.
Still,, what would be the huge bother to drop a door for us outside ESD or put one at Delta Valonis? It wouldn't be a bother at all. One of the Foundry team guys could probably do that from their laptop while they're at Vegas. Not Vega, Vegas.

Give us Foundry transition points at the exploration zones at least, so we can create missions inside those zones. I mean, seriously, what are we gonna screw up in there? In one of my missions, I managed, but i had to create a quick and dirty custom version of Sol System (sans the new Spacedock btw) and completely skip the travelling thru sector space part. Cheap way to do it but it gets you there.

As for the environmental hazards, NOT including it as a Foundry asset because of the possibility that an author might misuse it and someone might give the author a low rating is .... Well, that's the STO equivalent of not keeping score in a soccer game because someone might get their feelings hurt.

And cake walks bore me. Y'know if you're afraid that your character might get a radiation burn, you shouldn't be is space anyway.

Remember the tutorial? The EMH is schoolin ya on how to move and shoot and all that. Right there, he tells you "avoid environmental hazards. They can hurt you." And like everyone else, I tested it and walked right into a patch of fire in the corridor. And it hurt me. But it didnt hurt my fillings ... 'course I'm not the kinda person who would sue McDonalds for selling me a cup of hot coffee.

Because, you see, I know it's hot.

Including environmental hazards in the custom toolset is no different that placing npc mods that shoot at you. Really, no different.

One star ratings. Wow I read alot of authors ****ed off about getting low reviews. Even heard an acid-laced rant on the UGC podcast about people getting one star ratings for bugged missions caused by the patches. IN general, player reviews are alot like viewer comments on Youtube. Seriously, how much importance should you give that.

If I make a map, one long corridor filled with death-dealing plasma jets, and the objective is to get to the far end to shut down the plasma before you die, and i do not provide a way to shut down the hazard first ... well I'd deserve a low rating. Especially if the environmental hazard effects were such that the average character was unlikely to survive this "jog through death." That would just be poor mission design and there is plenty of that in the Foundry without environmental hazards.

Maybe they should just remove the Foundry so no one gets one star ratings. Y'know, they've banned dodgeball in gradeschools, too.

I know, some authors are saying that there are so many other things that need to be added to the Foundry before Environmental Hazards.

I beg to differ. I really dont think that Bajoran Orbs or the lastest Cstore fashions are quite as important as one of the fundamental elements of game play and/or recreating the challenges of a virtual world - Environmental Hazards. If I bang my head I get a boo boo. That's pretty basic