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08-22-2011, 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by USS_Mongoose
I have three tones that are VA now and I restarted from scratch on couple new ones now. I had noticed the I have been seeing VA's come in and just take over and you are right it takes the fun out of it. So when I see a VA jump in or a much higher rank than me I jump out.

But one day I was jump in and found a VA flying around not really shooting anything so I stayed and played the encounter by then I think there was about 5 of us flying around. But what made this fun with the VA was he/she would heal our ships or as you said take on pot shot to help us get the upper hand. I thought this was great and fun.

I pm the person and thanked them or their help. I would like to also state here to them Thank you, I wished I could remember their name, but anyway they made it very fun too play with them in a suport roll.

I wished more of the VA's would play this way and support the lower ranked ships. I know when the time comes I will do the same for them.

And Thank you for playing this way.
That's the way I play with my VA. I go into the DSEs and only offer heals and buffs. I think it's fun. I wish there were more of us out there. Hmmm.... maybe that's what I should make my Fleet be for. It'd be cool to become the Fleet that everyone knows as the DSE healers.