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08-22-2011, 11:39 AM
Originally Posted by Heretic
Yes, the assignment system is intended to provide significant - albeit optional - sinks to the game. Currently assignments can require:
  • Energy Credits
  • Data Samples
  • Commodities
  • Tribbles
  • Certain mission/assignment-specific items, such as prototypes or schematics
  • Prisoners

...I probably am forgetting a few rarer cases, as well.
Fantastic, I've been stockpiling all of them over the summer just incase they were gonna be used in the DoFF system, will be nice to get some bank space back, lol

I'm intrigued with the new currency changes. i would maybe suggest that if possable the currency changes should be put on Redshirt, that way the lucky few that get selected to test the DoFF system on there can also test how the system works in regards to the new currencies (as it sounds like the 2 system are quite deeply connected), it could be nasty to bring the DoFF system in and then alter the currency system and find the DoFF system needs rebalancing! (I'm assuming redshirt would be NDA'd so that any issues would not get blown out of proportion like sometimes happens with stuff been tested on tribble).