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Originally Posted by Armsman View Post
This is off on a total tangent, but if EC is remaing (and it looks like Emblems are too with DStahl's earlier comment about being able to auction Emblems for C-Points between players); it seems that we're still going to have A LOT of diffrent currwencies remaing. I was hoping/expecting a lot more currency 'compaction as it were.
Emblems are. in fact. being folded into the new currency (name TBD). It will be the new currency that can be auctioned between players with C-Points.

As I understand it, the final list of currencies will be:
  • New Currency
  • C-Store Points
  • Energy Units
  • Merit/Honor
  • Latinum

Everything else I believe will be folded into the new currency.

Originally Posted by Brigadoom
Tribbles? Plain ones, or uncommon, rare etc? I have a bank full of random uncommon tribbles, my tribblearium. They have never seen daylight in the hopes of breeding a hitherto unseen albino tribble. They may see daylight!
There are some genesplicing tribble assignments (and I have been working to come up with ideas for other uses for tribbles) that change a tribble to a random other tribble of the same tier. We have talked about coming up with a new tribble for the system as well, but that's very drawing board-ish at the moment.

Originally Posted by Suricata View Post
I'm intrigued with the new currency changes. i would maybe suggest that if possable the currency changes should be put on Redshirt, that way the lucky few that get selected to test the DoFF system on there can also test how the system works in regards to the new currencies (as it sounds like the 2 system are quite deeply connected), it could be nasty to bring the DoFF system in and then alter the currency system and find the DoFF system needs rebalancing! (I'm assuming redshirt would be NDA'd so that any issues would not get blown out of proportion like sometimes happens with stuff been tested on tribble).
For the most part, the duty officer system is not expected to have problems with the economy revamp, as assignments don't generally give emblems, badges or marks, which are the primary currencies being folded into each other. Pretty much every currency remaining and many of the numerics (e.g., skill points, bridge officer points, DXP) are being rewarded through duty officer assignments.

Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
Does each assignment give the same amount of XP or is it based on length of assignment such as a 15 min assignment gives 1 XP and a 2 day assignment gives 20 XP?
The specific formula for this is messy and involves a lot of data look-up, but for practical purposes, assignments give an amount of skill points and other numerics based on the time it takes to complete the assignment, the cost of inputs such as commodities or energy credits, the chance of death or injury to any duty officers put on the assignment, the rarity of the assignment, the specificity of the duty officers required for the assignment, and the difficulty of achieving a successful outcome.

Time works on a diminishing per capita schema, meaning that a 24 hour assignment will reward more numerics than a 12 hour assignment, but the 12 hour assignment will reward more numerics on a per second basis than the 24 hour assignment - that is, it will net you more to run two 12 hour assignments than one 24 hour assignment, but a single 24 hour assignment will still net somewhat more than a 12 hour assignment.

In general, however, rewards from time fall off severely after about a day.