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08-22-2011, 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by Heretic
Emblems are. in fact. being folded into the new currency (name TBD). It will be the new currency that can be auctioned between players with C-Points.
a little off topic and you may not be able to talk about it yet but how exactly will the auction work? will it be like the exchange is now?

so i go out and grind 500 units of (insert currency name) then i place them on the exchange and then what?

a) people bid for them for a set period of time and the highest bidder wins (like e-bay).

b) or i set the price i want say 1000 c points for 500 (much like the exchange is now) and i just wait until someone buys them.

c) or its a 1 point per 1 unit conversion, so that people dont start asking outrageous prices.

d) or is it just like a trade between two people and they decide the value?

or something totally different?